GOEBEL u16/u20

GOEBEL u16/u20

The two-drum winders of the GOEBEL u 16 and u 20 series are designed for converting webs from fine paper up to thick cardboard. This large scope of extremely different materials is covered by facilities permitting various kinds of web travel through the machine and special equipment.
An essential prerequisite of high finished roll quality is that the slitting section is directly preceding the rewind unit. A manual and partly or fully automated knife setup system is available, even for machines with wrapped bottom cutter shaft.

Coated paper, uncoated paper, filter/tipping/cigarette paper, technical paper

Material width 1600 - 6500 mm
Running speed Up to 2500 m/min.
Unwind diameter Up to 3000 mm
Rewind diameter Up to 2000 mm
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